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About Alclutha and Glenfinnan Galloways The Alclutha and Glenfinnan Galloway Cattle Studs were started by John and Ruth Berridge in 2007 when they decided to make the change from running sheep and fattening white face steers on their property in Albany. They originally intended to start with the Standard Galloway but found it difficult to find stock , and purchased a number of White Galloways  while still looking for animals to start their Standard Galloway herd. By the end of 2008 John and Ruth had two herds of Galloways:  ‘Alclutha’ for the white Galloways and ‘Glenfinnan’ for the Standard Galloways. They developed their herds until selling to Barbara Fitchett of Mangatangi in July 2013. Barbara and her partner Kevin both have their roots in farming and transport.   Barbara is developing the Galloway herds and Kevin is continuing with the transport company they both own. In developing the herds Barbara now has two Standard Galloway Bulls and three White Galloway Bulls standing at stud. Apart from offering for sale the progeny from the two herds, Barbara has also decided to offer a service to other Galloway breeders, which includes grazing and breeding to one of the Alclutha or Glenfinnan stud bulls, and to complement this there is also a transportation service for cattle when required.
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